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Taylor Studniski
3 min readAug 10, 2021


You should develop a regular workout routine ASAP! Fitness buff Taylor Studniski explains why.

Staying in shape is important for your quality of life. Even light exercise may greatly improve your overall health. To enjoy the benefits of exercise, it’s smart to be consistent with your workout routine. Taylor Studniski explains the benefits of regular workouts.

“When I first started working out, I focused mostly on the physical results,” Taylor Studniski says. “But over time, I saw a lot of other benefits too. Regular workouts are often good for the body and the mind.”

Before worrying about the results, however, you may first want to focus on developing a routine. Establishing rhythm in your life, including with workouts, can lead to more consistency. Over time, you may find yourself needing less motivation to hit the gym or go for a jog.

“Routines are important in life, that’s true for working out, studying, whatever,” Taylor Studniski notes. “When I first started taking physical exercise seriously, getting a routine down was crucial so that I knew it would fit into my schedule.”

Weekly workouts with the correct form will help you strengthen your muscles. This may lead to fewer back problems and other issues. Some studies have found that even light exercise can reduce the risk of many diseases throughout life. Weekly walks at the park may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, for example.

“The people who stay in the best shape as they age often started working out when they were still pretty young,” Taylor Studniski says. “If you develop a routine while you’re young, it may be easier to stick to it as you get older.”

Further, engaging in physical activities now may increase your interest in various sports and physical activities. If you enjoy hiking or rock climbing, you can continue hiking and rock climbing throughout life.

“Finding activities that you enjoy is crucial,” Taylor Studniski notes. “After I started working out, I found that I enjoy hiking and lifting weights quite a bit. Now, going to the gym is simply a fun pastime, but it does help me stay in shape.”

Taylor Studniski Talks About the Mental Benefits of Working Out

Workouts are great for your mind and soul as well. People who are in good physical shape often enjoy higher self-confidence. This could pay off in school and at work. Further, a good workout may help you burn energy and you may rest more deeply at night. There are many other mental benefits to working out.

“Workouts release endorphins, which are hormones that stimulate the mind and encourage happiness,” Taylor Studniski says. “Also, after going to the gym, I feel very accomplished regardless if I felt like I had a productive day or not. Not to mention, I personally love the gym because it burns out extra energy so that I can get a good night’s sleep.”

If you’re stressed, a gym membership may be just what you need. And over time, the benefits of working out and staying in shape may add up.

Getting a good night’s sleep now, for example, may help you perform better at work. This could lead to promotions, and in turn, increased financial stability, which may reduce stress.

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