What Was It Like Growing Up in Georgia?

Taylor Studniski
3 min readOct 17, 2022


Whether born in Georgia or raised there, you’ve likely been asked about growing up in this southern state. But, whether you’re a first-generation college student or a seasoned adult, here are some things you may not have known. Whether you spent your childhood on a plantation or in a city, Georgia has something for everyone.

One of the most popular books about Georgia is “Georgia: The Unknown South.” Clay Claycomb grew up in Liberty County, Georgia, known for its wild west. It was located on the coast and home to a military base and pristine coastline. As a boy, he was fascinated by his environment and was a natural-born sheriff. The author shares a childhood memory of life in this part of the state.

Visiting the state’s beaches can bring back fond memories for any Georgian. However, while the beaches and rivers are great, barrier islands are often overlooked, offering beautiful natural scenery and rich culture. For this reason, if you’ve ever visited Georgia, you can take advantage of the many resources and services available here. Just be sure to ask your parents for help if you need it. While the state is renowned for being expensive, you’ll always get more bang for your buck.

If you’re looking for cheap housing in the city, you’d be wise to look outside the big city for a bit. Georgia has home appreciation rates that continue to increase, so you’ll have to consider living in a town near one, such as Columbus. In addition to that, Dublin has a law banning hoodies in public. The state ranks 19th in the nation for the price of homeowners insurance.

Aside from great weather, Atlanta has plenty of family-friendly attractions. There are zoos and aquariums in the area, as well as concerts and parks. Children can attend the Atlanta Public School System or the Fulton County School system. If you have children, Atlanta has some excellent public schools, such as Gwinnett School of Mathematics and Walton High School. In addition to the public schools, there are also several independent schools to choose from.

Johnny Cash was born in Savannah, Georgia. His father drove a Model T car to Savannah for his job. The family lived on Burnside Island, which backed up to the Back River, which later became Moon River, after one of his famous songs. The family often escaped the heat of Savannah to Vernon View on Burnside Island, where he was raised in a community of black families and descendants of enslaved people before the Civil War. The neighborhood had black families and people of African descent who spoke a Geechee dialect unique to the low country of Georgia.

If you’re considering moving to Georgia, consider this: living costs are lower than the national average. Depending on the area, Georgia housing is affordable and can fit into any lifestyle. The average price of a house in the state is just below $200,000, making it one of the cheaper places to live in the United States. While home prices in Georgia have increased each year steadily, the average cost is still very low.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, there are plenty of fun things to do in Georgia. Georgia is a great place for families to live because it’s a very family-friendly state. Zoos and theme parks are popular attractions for children. You can also go on a fun adventure at Stone Mountain. Unfortunately, while the climate in Georgia is warm and sunny, there are still some sweltering summers.

The state is known for its friendly neighborhoods, delicious food, and vibrant sports culture. In addition to its warm, sunny climate, Georgia boasts majestic mountains and plenty of green spaces. However, it’s a different story regarding its crowded cities and terrible traffic. Despite all these pros, Georgia has a lot to offer. Look at these pros and cons, and you’ll soon see why people flock to Georgia.



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